LINDA STARK - Linda Stark | Sängerin & Songwriting

2015-lindastarkLinda Stark ist Sngerin (Lead | Background | Studio) und Songwriterin im Popbereich.
Nach mehreren Jahren auf Deutschlands Musicalbhnen zog es die Hamburgerin zu Ihrer wahren Leidenschaft – der Musik – zurck und so findet man sie mittlerweile beim Songwriting im Studio oder als Sngerin in diversen Projekten. Instagram: @lieberlila

After several years of on-stage work throughout Germany the Hamburg based songwriter and singer decided to dedicate herself to her true passion: singing and writing music.

Her first professional writing session in October 2014 was the final turning point. She co-wrote the song Dance that was part of an album that hit no1 of the Japanese charts half a year later.Since then she spent a lot of time in studios in Hamburg, Mannheim & Berlin creating both English and German songs.With a feeling for modern pop sounds, Linda is able to handle different genres easily. She has got a sixth sense for modern beats. Her toplines really get stuck in your head.Instagram: @lieberlila

Writing for upcoming albums of Stereoact, Neele Ternes, VAUU, Noah Levi (The Voice Kids) & Jannik Brunke
Vocal Coach Mike Singer (Warner Music Germany)
SongwritingforN1 album „Walk Of My Life“ Kumi Koda (Japan), Eule findet den Beat auf Europatour (Universal Germany), Sarah Schiffer (Artists & Acts).

Foto: Nico Stank Photography